how do you preheat an air fryer

A step-by-step guide and a few things to keep in mind:

1. Check the manual

The very first thing to do with any kind of electronic product is to read the manual. This also applies to a fryer. That way, you know exactly how to use the device, so you do not make mistakes or damage it.

This is very important for preheating, as some manufacturers may have their own preferred methods for this task. It is best to follow the instructions of these companies so that you do not cancel your warranty just because you want to use your new device.

2. Check the air fryer for cleanliness

Now that you know whether the manufacturer of your Air fryer has specific pre-heating instructions or not, the next step is to check the cleanliness of your device.

You need to be careful, as food remnants and debris can affect the taste of the next dish that you will prepare in the Air Fryer .

The basket must be thoroughly cleaned and properly dried before use. Check every angle of your cooking basket to make sure nothing is left.

3. Connect the device

As an electrical appliance, your Air Fryer must be connected in order to be used. Be careful, because not all fryers are equipped with a dual power supply.

If you are using a fryer that has been purchased in another country in the United States, check the voltage used by your location. The 120V appliances are grilled in a 220V outlet and nobody wants them. Always make sure first before connecting anything.

4. Put the accessories in place

If you want to use an accessory for your fryer, it is best to put it in the appliance before preheating. Therefore, the accessories can also be prepared for cooking. It will also make things easier if you do this step now.

If the fryer is already hot, you might not have ample grasp on it to place accessories securely. It is advisable to prepare the device at this point so that you do not have any problems later.

5. Turn on the device

The next step is pretty obvious: turn on your Air Fryer. Without the unit that is ready and willing to go, no magic will be performed. Once you have read the manual, you need to know where the power switch is located. Just tap it and you’re ready to preheat.

6. Set the timer

Now, when the device is on, you can preheat it. The next step would be to set the timer. Experts say preheating should take more than three minutes. Preheating is generally recommended for 5 minutes, although it may depend on the unit you own.

Some units with pre-heating instructions have their own note for the preheating time of the fryers. Refer to this information and you will not go wrong.

7. Select the highest temperature settings

Although the duration may vary from device to device, the temperature settings are completely different. Almost all manufacturers will tell you that you must set the appliance to the highest heat setting for preheating.

It may seem exaggerated, but in reality, it works very well. This will allow your fryer to reach the desired temperature in minutes, so follow this step.

When the timer has expired, you have finished preheating. You can now load the food and start cooking.

8. Don’t have time? Add 3 minutes to your cooking time instead

As mentioned above, some fryers do not require preheating (like the Philips air fryer). You can do that as well but with most prescriptions based on pre-heating times, this can discourage your cooking time.

To compensate for this, you can add 3 minutes to the timer setting for your recipe. In this way your ingredients are always cooked thoroughly and evenly.

If you think you do not want to preheat your fryer, you should also be prepared to make estimates and experiment.

You may need to check the doneness of your food several times before you reach the beautiful golden brown desired. A little patience may also be necessary if you ignore the preheating.