As mentioned, the air fryer is a great tool to improve the way you prepare food, and there are several reasons why you should consider buying an air fryer if you don’t already own one.

  1. The air fryer is a much healthier way of preparing food. Because the air fryer uses intense heat that is distributed equally, a much smaller amount of oil or butter is needed to get that lovely crispiness, and if you don’t mind cooking your food for an extra few minutes, you don’t need any oil or butter at all. This means that your general intake of oils and trans-fats will drop, which can help you live healthier in general, lessen the risk of cholesterol, obesity, and fat-related heart diseases, and even lose weight. The air fryer is a much healthier alternative to deep-fried foods, but if you prefer to cook with oil, the healthiest option is still to limit your intake of oily foods.
  2. The air fryer is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to traditional or convection ovens, making it a great buy for anyone moving into a new apartment or starting a new household. It is still advisable to pay a little more for a good quality brand, as it will last longer and save you large amounts of money down the road in terms of repairs and replacements. Not only is the appliance itself fairly low cost, but it’s also inexpensive in the long run. The air fryer is easy to maintain and uses little electricity, especially the models that require little to no preheating. A smaller model is a great buy for someone who is single, as you don’t need a full-sized oven, which is expensive and heavy on electricity, to cook a meal for one person. As a bonus, you’ll also save a lot of money on cooking oil etc., which you’ll be using in smaller amounts for every meal.
  3. The air fryer is very user-specific and can be bought to suit your needs. There are several sizes of air fryers on the market, as well as more or less complex models, various basket types, and even different colors. With a little bit of research and shopping, you can find an air fryer perfectly suited to what you need and want.
  4. The air fryer is fairly compact and easy to move. Even the larger models of air fryers don’t take up that much space, making them great for small kitchens. What makes them even better is that it’s easy to move an air fryer around in the kitchen, as all you need is a flat surface and a power outlet. This makes the air fryer a great tool to take with you on vacation to areas where you might not always have access to other cooking implements.
  5. The air fryer is very simple and easy to use and maintain. The air fryer tends to have simple, straightforward settings for both time and temperature, and some models even have preset modes for various functions for different food types, such as grilled chicken, french fries, frozen french fries, and roast beef. This makes it even more simple and easy to use, especially for beginners. The separate parts of an air fryer are also designed to come apart easily, which makes them more convenient to wash. They are also treated with a non-stick coating to prevent grease and burnt food from sticking to the basket or pan.
  6. The air fryer is very safe to use and is designed to minimize the risk of burning yourself. The entire cooking system is closed, meaning there’s no risk of being splattered with hot oil or burning yourself on a hot frying pan or stove plate. The appliance also seals all heat inside, and with most models the basket and pan have a safe, heat resistant handle that never comes into contact with any heat. This lowers the danger of burning yourself even more.
  7. Another great advantage of the air fryer is that you only use one appliance for all your cooking needs. With just the air fryer and the right basket, you can cook your entire meal without the mess of dirty dishes all over the place. What makes it even more convenient is that you don’t need to constantly tend to the food while it’s cooking, so you can prepare side dishes, set the table, and go about your business while you let the air fryer do its thing. There are also a myriad of different types of baskets, pans, and other accessories, each with their own functions, that can make your air fryer even more versatile and convenient, and better suited to your specific needs.