Everyone can benefit from using an air fryer but this is especially good for some groups.

  1. Busy parents

Need a quick snack after school? Late, but the kids ask for dinner? Just throw chips and nuggets in one of these dishes and prepare dinner in about 15 minutes! Parents love the speed with which they prepare food and the ease with which they have to clean up. It takes less time than getting a pizza!

  1. Seniors

This is a great option for seniors who just do not want to keep a hot stove or prepare many ingredients. You can use frozen meat, pre-cut vegetables and seasonal dishes to your liking. They are so easy to use and will not tire your hands and can do anything from snacks to a full meal. Easy to clean.

  1. Students

The ultimate snack! If it’s one o’clock in the morning and you’re writing an article, just throw wings or chips or make a grilled sandwich. With an Air Fryer, you can become the most popular person in your dorm. Do not worry about the time that mess hall will close.

  1. Easy

It can be difficult to be motivated to cook when living alone. It’s just not worth heating the oven or spending a lot of time cutting things just to eat something. With a fryer you can prepare a small amount of food for a single serving in just a few minutes. Eat healthier and save money by not eating all the time! A Air Fryer is much more useful than a microwave and allows a lot of tasty food.

  1. People who hate cooking

This is the ideal device for those who do not like to cook. You do not have to waste time, preparing ingredients for your food. You can use it with frozen meats like chicken wings, rib eye steaks and even frozen pizza. Make fries, onion rings, potatoes and nuggets in a few minutes. You can take a pack of pre-cut vegetables and make a quick stir fry. Grilled cheese sandwich sounds good? Go for it. Easy to use and clean, this fryer will not make you hate the kitchen.

Should I consider a fryer?

If you ae fascinated by the benefits I mentioned, consider air frying. Perfect for small kitchens, dorms and offices, they enable you to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily. There are units of all sizes, from singles to large families, and they usually cost between $ 60 and $ 400. You can find the perfect device for your needs and cook the same evening.

The Ninja is the best air fryer of 2020 overall

Advantages of cooking with an air fryer:

There are many reasons to use a fryer.

1. Cook healthier

So, how can frying be healthy? Easy! These units can be used without oil or with a small oil jet.

You can cook fries, onion rings, wings and more while getting really crisp results without extra oil. Compared to using my oven, the fries in the fryer were crisper but not dried out and their use to cook breaded zucchini was even more impressive!

2. Faster meals

Since they are smaller than an oven and circulate the air around with fans, they cook food faster. An oven may take 20 to 30 minutes to heat properly, these fryers reach the temperature in minutes.

I was very impressed with the fact that my frozen fries were perfect after 15 minutes while they were in the oven for up to 45 minutes. If you need to make snacks or meals in a hurry, you will save time.

3. Versatility

I think that’s my favourite feature of an air fryer. You can do so much with it! Yes, it fries very well compared to an oven. But it can also bake (even cake), broil, roast, grill and stir fry! Do you want chicken and peas for dinner? Easy to cook them with one of these.

You can prepare fresh and frozen food and even reheat leftovers. I made meat, fish, pans, sandwiches and many different vegetables in mine. Some fryers have additional features, like a rotisserie rack, grill pan or elevated cooking rack. The Instant Vortex has 7 in 1 functionality. With the divisible baskets you can cook several things at once. It is impressive to see that a unit can cook so many things in so many ways.

Depending on the size of your fryer you can buy many accessories. Cake and pizza pans, kebab skewers and steamer are just some of the accessories I’ve seen.

4. Space saver

If you have a small kitchen or live in a dorm or shared apartment, you can appreciate this benefit. Most of these units are about the size of a coffee machine. They do not take up too much space on the counter and are generally easy to store or move.

I appreciate the fact that they can replace other appliances like a toaster and some people use them in kitchens in place of ovens.

5. Ease of use

Most fryers are very easy to use. Just choose the temperature and cooking time, add food and shake several times during cooking.

With the baskets you can shake your food easily and quickly and the device does not lose much heat when opened. So do not hesitate to check out if you want! Unlike an oven, you will not slow things down when you do it.

6. Easy cleaning

Part of the cooking that most of us do not appreciate is the cleaning. With an air fryer, you only have one basket and one pan to clean, and you can also use dishwasher. With non-stick coated parts, food does not normally stick to the pan. It only takes a few minutes to wash after use. It inspires me to cook more often at home, because I’m not afraid to clean!

7. Energy efficiency

These fryers are more efficient than using an oven. I used mine during a heat wave and I love that my kitchen is not hot when I use it. If you’re trying to keep your home cool in the summer or worry about your electricity bills, you’ll be impressed with the efficiency of these devices.