Pros and Cons of Air Fryers

Everything in life unfortunately has both positives and negatives, and any types of physical inventions are not immune to this fact. When making the decision to purchase and incorporate a new-fangled item into our everyday lives, it is pertinent to know the pros and cons of something you are spending your hard earned money on! So, let’s take a look.

Air Fryer Pros

  • Efficient – Air fryers are much faster than regular fryers, with the capability of cooking items such as French fries in a matter of ten minutes. While it does heavily depend what food items you are cooking and how much is within the machine when frying, it still beats all other competing appliances in efficiency.
  • All-around functionality – One of the best things about having an air fryer is that you can use it to prepare more foods than those that are required to fry. They can be used for roasting and grilling, as well as baking! You can legitimately cook an entire three course meal with just one piece of your kitchen. How cool is that?
  • Easy to Maintain – Obviously, one of the major advantages to using any appliance that does not require the use of very much oil is the absence of the smelly smell and oily residue that is quite the headache to clean. Air fryers are also non-stick with removable parts, making it a breeze to keep maintained after use.
  • Safer – Anyone who has ever cooked with substantial amounts of oil knows the hazards that come with it, from making it easier to catch fire from the drops off popping liquid that if contacted by skin, can really hurt and leave seriously burns.

Other Reasons an Air Fryer could be For YOU

Air fryers in general should be used by anyone that desires an exquisite taste and texture of fried foods, but who want it more healthy and more efficiently. With their exceptionally easy to use accessibility, they are on their way to becoming the definite next ‘must-have’ item for your kitchen.

Those who really dislike cleaning up after preparing any kinds of meals are also people who can benefit from this pretty awesome contraption. Thanks to the way air fryers help us in preparing foods, there is exceptionally less clean up and headache when getting it set up for the next go around.

And all the above benefits do not even start the fast spread of word about the massive health benefits this small but mighty machine can implement into your life! Thanks to the element of hot air to heat through foods you put inside, all those pesky calories that come with the concept of fried foods magically disappear! Now, who wouldn’t like the sounds of that? Really.

In our fast paced world, many of us have a lot more concerns and things to get done during our everyday lives other than just having the time to prepare meals and then ever so graciously stuff our faces with whatever we try to quickly throw together. Air fryers are so efficient, they have already been called “an out of this world” machine by those that took the plunge and got one for themselves.

Air Fryer Cons

  • Size – While air fryers can whip up your favorite foods faster than a regular fryer, there is simply a lot less capacity to fit the foods you may want to prepare. Cooking for one to two people is really no issue, but for families, creations of meals can be a bit more time consuming, results in those that feel like these contraptions are more hassle than God sends.
  • Bulky – Even though they are smaller than most regular deep fryers, they can still take up a lot of counter space in your kitchen, which some people do not have to spare. This appliance may not be a great investment for those that live in apartments or small homes. On the contrary, they could be vital pieces of equipment for these individuals, for they wouldn’t have to have room for pesky convection ovens, nor the need for their stoves.
  • Hot to the Touch – Air fryers have the tendency to get hot, very hot in fact. Although not as dangerous as the run-of-the-mill deep fryers with all that oil to splash at you and such, you can still burn yourself if you are not paying attention. Just like most appliances, remain cautious. It is kind of a given.

Overall, the pros of air fryers wildly outweigh the cons! Why not make low-fat versions of the favorite things you like to stuff your face with if you are able to? Air fryers are here to hold up the high expectations that many individuals have about the appliances they purchase for their home, and it will not disappoint. Making daily life more manageable and delicious, being able to grill, roast, fry or bake yummy ingredients like a pro from the comfort of your own home with ease is the only selling point one needs when considering adding the air fryer to their kitchen family.

Purchasing Your First Air Fryer

Like any product we think about buying, it is important to know all the options available to us in the products we are willing to bring into our personal households. The following will hopefully help you when you go to buy yourself one of these convenient puppies!

  • Size – It is important to consider how much counter top space you have to spare, as well as it is good to know that the machine you pick to buy DOES fit when you bring it home. Have an empty spot in your kitchen that you have been thinking of filling with this contraption? Ensure that you measure it correctly before going to a store to buy one, whether physical or online.
  • Watts – Just as important as having the adequate space to fit, it is also vital to know if your kitchen will support the wattage of these machines. They cannot cook properly if your kitchen does not support 800-1400 watts that most standard air fryers need to run right
  • Capacity – You need to have an idea WHY you want this genius machine in the first place. What are planning to prepare with it the most? This will give you some sort of idea what size of air fryer you will need to ensure an even more efficient kitchen. Most air fryers typically have a capacity of 1.9 – 2.5 pounds of food per individual batch. If you are wanting to purchase one of these to make the holiday meals faster, then you are going to want to get a larger capacity fryer.
  • Settings – Setting and knowing which ones will benefit you the most in the long run is also good information to know! From temperature controls to the type of foods they are made to harbor, make a running list of your WANTS before making a final decision.
  • Other features – From being able to cook two different sets of meals or foods at once to having different levels of baskets, the majority of these machines have plenty of cool features to offer, but they all differentiate between different brands.

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