How Use Your chefman Air Fryer

The uniqueness of chefman Air fryers lies in the fact that they can be used to deliver any fries with just a single drop of oil. This is how you use them

1.       Set the Cooking Temperature:

Setting the temperature is always the first thing you need to do when using the chefman air fryer. What you need to do is to convert a recipe with a suggested temperature for any deep frying using a local or traditional oven. Just reduce the temperature of air fryer by 250 F. This will give you the same result as that of a traditional oven.

For instance, if a given recipe requires the temperature to be heated up to 400 F in a traditional oven, cook at 375 F for air fryer. The rule is pertinent because air on circulation makes the cooking heat to be more intense compared to a local cooking method. Before you start cooking with the air fryer, do not forget to preheat your air fryer.

2.      Add the Ingredients with Little Oil:

The air fryer requires that you put one or two tablespoons of oil before you put the ingredients. However, there are foods that contain lots of fat (like meatballs), it needs no extra cooking oil.

It is recommended that if you are cooking any food that has already been coated with flour and you want to get the food turn to golden brown, spray the air fryer basket first with a light cooking oil and putting the food into the air fryer basket in layers. In the other hand, there are foods that can be cooked without putting extra oil.

3.      Place the Food on the chefman Air Fryer Basket:

For you to be able to cook foods that are coated with flour, you place them in layer(s). There are some air fryer models that have two layer racks. Such racks that allows for two layers will enable you to cook two different things at the same time but will require a longer cooking time and will result in food that are not well cooked, that is why it is advisable to shake the air fryer after 3 or 4 minutes of the cooking time to ensure the food is cooked properly.

4.      Check Regularly for Doneness:

Foods cook with the air fryer usually cooks faster than the foods cook with a traditional method. This is so because the temperature of the air fryer environment is being maintained consistently by the circulating air.

It should be noted that if you already know the recipe for a particular food and you wants to convert it to cook in the air fryer, you have to be checking the food regularly for doneness. For instance if the cooking time for a given food is 20 minutes, you have to check the food after 15 minutes and then cook again for the remaining 5 minutes.

5.      Frozen French Fries Possible to Make:

Yes! It’s true. Frozen French fries could be successfully cooked using the air fryer. The impressive fact about this is that it does not necessarily require that you put oil into the air fryer before you can cook the fries. This is usually cooked at 350 F for 15 minutes. Do not fail to shake one or two times while cooking. You may add salt to it if needed and also top with preferred garnish.