Converting Recipes

Converting from Oven Recipes

You will come across quite a few recipes with instructions to cook using the oven. If you wish to use an air fryer instead, you will need to make a few adjustments. First of all, remember that an air fryer burns hotter than a standard oven. So, you will need to reduce the heat, and reduce the cooking time slightly. The rule of thumb is to keep the temperature by 25°F – 50°F lower than that suggested in the oven recipe, and cut the time by approximately one-fifth.

So, if a recipe required you to cooking at 300°F for 30 minutes, air-fry at 270°F for about 24 minutes. Also, ensure you flip the food over midway through the cooking time and open the drawer regularly to check on the food, to avoid overcooking.

Converting from Different Sized Air-Fryers

All air fryers are different, but the different is very slight. Bigger air fryers with higher wattage tend to do the cooking slightly faster than their smaller counterparts, but the timer difference isn’t that high. At most, you will need to cut cooking time by a couple of minutes if you’re using a bigger air fryer. Luckily, air-fryers are flexible that way, and you can always take out the food and check for doneness. If in doubt, check for doneness regularly during the last 20 percent of the cooking time. Remember- undercooked stuff can always be cooked more, but overcooked food cannot be uncooked. Better safe than sorry.