The design of air fryers will vary by make and model. However, air fryers generally come with a few universal pieces that most consumers will find themselves familiar with after their first few uses. These include the pan, the basket, and the main unit. The main unit is the part of the air fryer that houses the heating component and electrical components as well as hosts the settings and display panels.


Like other cooking gadgets, air fryers require regular cleaning after each use. The electronic nature of the air fryer’s main unit makes dishwashing machine cleaning tactics impractical. Other air fryer components, such as the basket and the pan, can endure cycles inside of a dishwashing machine. Each piece of the gadget requires its own set of care instructions. As such, this section intends to give readers an overview of the cleaning and care required of air fryer users in order to ensure that their air fryer provides them with great home-cooked meals for years to come.


First, the main unit needs to stay clean and hygienic. Remove your air fryer’s interior pan, basket, and other parts before attempting to clean the main unit. The heating component needs the promptest care as it often comes within close proximity of the food inside the air fryer. Usually, you can identify the heating component by its spiral shape and resemblance to a stovetop burner. To clean the heating component, start by removing food residue with a soft scrubbing brush. Avoid using hard-bristled scrubbers, as they might harm the heating component’s protective outer layer. Next, use a clean soft scrubbing brush to thoroughly clean the spiral shaped metal heating component. If needed, use an old toothbrush to carefully scrub the interior surface above the heater. Finally, wipe the heating component dry with a clean rag or paper towel. If necessary, you can safely flip the main unit of most, if not all models upside down for leverage.


You may also find yourself needing to clean the exterior of the main unit. This can safely be accomplished with a damp cloth. The interior of the main unit should be clean after scrubbing it with a wet hot sponge. Manufacturers do not recommend using dish soap or any other substances besides water to clean the main unit.


Other pieces require cleaning as well. Namely, the pan, basket, and, sometimes, depending on which model you use, the baking sheet as well. Recall that these pieces can safely endure dishwashing machine cycles. However, you may also wash them by hand. Start the hand-washing process by placing the basket inside of the pan. Fill this stack with dish soap and high-temperature water. Leave this concoction to soak over a span of ten minutes. Then, separate them and scrub the pieces with a sponge. Finally, rinse them and set them out to dry.


On that note, never attempt to clean your air fryer or any of its pieces while it is still hot. You risk injury to yourself and damage to your cooking gadget. Let the machine completely cool down before handling it.