Choosing the Right Air Fryer


Manufacturers do not create all air fryers equally. Variations in features, size, and power level give air fryer users a multitude of choices to wade through when deciding on the best air fryer for them and their air frying needs. As such, one should keep a few considerations in mind when choosing the right air fryer.


Power Level

Some air fryers possess more power than others. Most home kitchens can handle the power consumption that most commercially available air fryers cause. However, some homes do not possess a large capacity for power consumption. If you find your home unequipped to handle a device that consistently consumes electricity, opt for a low wattage air fryer that uses around 1700 watts, like the Gowise


In addition, some homes have too many electric devices and gadgets plugged in and running to support another power-consuming machine. As such, it is possible that your air fryer may end up as the consumption machine that crosses your home’s threshold and causes a short circuit. If your home has a power consumption capacity that causes you to regularly worry about short circuiting, get yourself an air fryer with a low wattage or unplug some things. Some homeowners report losing power in the home when they use an outlet on the side of their house to charge a motor home battery. In any case, choose an air fryer with a power level suitable for your dwelling.



Some air fryers take up more room than others. In general, larger air fryers cost more and use larger amounts of power than do smaller ones. No one air fryer is right for everyone. Individuals will need to take into consideration the quantities of fried foods that they intend to prepare, the amount of real estate available in their kitchen storage area, and their budget when determining which size air fryer is right for them.

The Chefman air fryer is compact and doesn’t take up much space



While opting for a low-end air fryer may save you a few dollars up front, you may pay for your frugality later in the form of hours wasted, food discarded, and electricity used. Without a few basic features, an air fryer will likely end up possessing little more utility than a hunk of metal. In general, one should not settle for an air fryer that does not have a timer, temperature adjustment, and adjustable cooking types.


First, make sure that any air fryer that you consider purchasing comes equipped with a settable timer. With this feature, air fryer users can put their ingredients in the machine, set the timer, and pay little to no attention to their device. When the timer expires, the machine will stop operating, thus preventing meal preparers from overcooking their food.


Second, do not buy an air fryer without an adjustable temperature setting. Each unique recipe demands its own air frying temperature. Without such a setting, an air fryer can leave even the most skilled air fryer chefs guessing as to how they should cook various items in their air frying device.


Lastly, your air fryer needs to come with a variety of cooking types. Industry standard dictates that air fryers have the capability to perform more types of cooking than just frying. Look for an air fryer that has multiple cooking options, such as roasting, baking, and grilling.


In addition to the three standard features listed above, some manufacturers make air fryers with even more utility. To illustrate, some are constructed with multiple tiers, allowing users to prepare two or more types of dishes at the same time, all the while keeping them separate from one another. With this feature, you might be able to prepare a full-course meal with one device, leaving room on your kitchen countertop for drinks, appetizers, or whatever else might make is way into your food preparation area.


Furthermore, some of the market’s more valuable air fryers can rotate contents for you, letting you set the timer and walk away until the food is completely cooked. Without the ability to automatically rotate, an air fryer will require its users to manually rotate the food inside at various intervals throughout the cooking process. Air fryers with automatic food rotation capabilities usually achieve this feat with a paddle or other blunt object attached to a fixed-path rotation mechanism.


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