Do’s & Don’t to Air Fry Like A Pro

Want to cook like an air frying pro? Skip all those beginner mistakes and use your air fryer to its full potential with the following Do’s and Don’ts!

  1. DO Cook with Oven base recipes

Good news! You can use an oven recipe in your air fryer and not miss out on all those great recipes. So, when you come across a tasty recipe for amazing oven-baked chicken or seasoned steak that’s made for a conventional oven don’t skip over it, just adjust the recipe to suit your air fryer.

You can do this by lowering the cooking temperature by about 25°F and subtract 20% of the original cooking time – although this can vary on what you choose to cook. Once you’re done, you’ll have a new air fryer recipe to try!

  1. DO bake in your air fryer

Baking just got a whole lot easier thanks to your air fryer! Enjoy breads, cinnamon rolls, and small cakes that are made in minutes rather than hours because of your air fryer’s super-fast airflow. Just purchase a few small pans and bundt pans, and you’re all set to create some amazing desserts.

  1. DON’T overload the basket

Filling your basket all the way up with food like you would a traditional deep-fryer is just a bad idea. You can cause the food to that is either burn or not cook properly. This happens because the air fryer doesn’t use cups of oil, it simply cooks your food with hot air from every angle. So, if you don’t remember to work in batches, you’ll be left with a meal you can’t eat.

You also what to make sure that there is plenty of space around your food and you shake it halfway through cooking for evenly crispy results.

  1. DO air-fry more veggies

Vegetables are awesome when cooked in your air fryer! Try roasting a few of your favorite vegetables and you’ll definitely be blown away with how they turn out. Chop them up or leave them whole, air fryer and then enjoy vegetables are tender in the inside and caramelized, and a bit crunchy on the outside.

  1. DON’T use a wet batter

Fry as many foods as you want in your air fryer, just don’t use a wet batter or coating on your food. Unfortunately, your air fryer can’t make the batter crispy on the outside the way hot oil does. So instead of having a nice crispy shell, you’ll end up with a dripping wet batter mess. You can get the crunch you want without the mess by opting to dredge your food in flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs or panko.

  1. DO Shake Things Up

Plan on cooking fried food like nuggets, veggies, chicken nuggets, etc you have to shake your air fryer occasionally to get things cooking right. When you move things around halfway through the cooking process you help to make sure that the air surrounds food and cooks evenly for crispy results.

  1. DO add a splash of oil before cooking

Yes, you can get away with cooking crispy foods with zero oil in your air fryer. But with just a little bit of oil sprinkle on before cooking, you can change up the color, texture, and taste of the dish. Remember, oil has fat in it that helps to brown and season your food. So, before you place your food in the air fryer spray it with a non-stick cooking spray or light sprinkle of olive oil.

  1. DON’T spray nonstick spray directly into the Air Fryer cooking the basket

Like I mentioned above, you need to spray the food. But please DO NOT spray the actual cooking basket with nonstick spray since the chemicals found in it can actually work against the already nonstick basket. Just simply spray the food on a rack or plate before placing it into the basket.

Or you can skip the commercial aerosol sprays and DIY-it with natural oils. Just purchase a hand-pump oil sprayer and fill it with heart-friendly oil — olive, avocado, etc — and spray your food or spritz the basket.

  1. DO use your air fryer more than your microwave

Microwaved leftovers are notorious for tasting different from the night before. They’re usually less crispy and rubbery. On the other hand, your air fryer will reheat and re-crisp your food perfectly! You can also reheat frozen package foods in your air fryer too.

  1. DON’T cook foods that require liquids.

You can definitely crisp up dishes that are made with rice, pasta and other grains in your air fryer with a little oil, but you shouldn’t actually try to cook them in the air fryer. Your air fryer can’t boil water so it’s best to cook them as directed.