What is an Air Fryer?

Few people dislike fried food. Whether it’s sweet or savory, vegetables, red or white meats, fish, eggs, and shellfish, food lovers both young and old can rarely resist this temptation. However, habitual consumption of fried foods is not exactly healthy. From a nutritional point of view, in fact, fried foods are rich in saturated fats, highly caloric, and difficult to digest. And there is no respectable nutritionist or dietician willing to not categorically ban this type of preparation within a low-calorie or otherwise healthy diet.

Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that there are household appliances on the market that can make up for the use of fats by exploiting only heat to fry food. These are the so-called air fryers. Air fryers are machines that promise to obtain similar results to traditional fryers but with much healthier and more ecological cooking methods. This is a big advantage if we consider that with these fryers, you can say ‘enough’ even to the smell of fried food that pervades the kitchen for days and days with traditional frying methods.

In reality, it is not entirely correct to say that the air fryer does not use oil for frying. In most cases, however, a spoonful at most is enough, since it is the warm air circulated in the cooking chamber that does all the work. In this space the air circulates quickly, and in doing so reaches very high temperatures suitable for cooking food.

A hot air fryer is a device that has found its place both in the private kitchen and in the professional kitchen of large companies and restaurants. The look is similar to that of a classic deep fryer, but the way it works looks a little different.

In terms of functionality, the hot air fryer also differs from the classic deep fryer. Not only can you carry out the classic frying process in it, but you can also bake, grill, and gently cook foods. But of course, the context is not just about which preparation processes the device delivers. Also noteworthy is the fact that potatoes, meat, and cakes, as well as vegetables and fish, can be prepared in this type of deep fryer.

The air fryer: a small electric fan oven

In practice, an air fryer is like a small electric fan oven, with the advantage that it is able to eliminate much more moisture from the dishes and guarantee a crisp and dry result.

Obviously, the yield and efficiency of the appliance also varies according to the model used and the power it is able to generate. Therefore it is important to choose the air fryer that best suits our needs after having carefully evaluated different aspects.

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Unlike a fan oven, the air fryer must be used with fresh products. In fact, it is possible to cook even pre-cooked foods (panzerotti, cutlets, croquettes, meatballs, etc.) but in this way the fat intake and the quality of the final product will be lower, therefore eliminating the reasons for having used it.

Another important tip is to use vegetable oils suitable for high temperatures—that is, with a high smoke point—so that they do not turn into dangerous substances.

The hot air fryer as a healthy alternative

The low-fat preparation of dishes makes the hot air fryer a great alternative for all those who want to eat healthy and reduced fat. Why, for example, do without french fries if they can also be made healthy in the deep fryer without oil? Even vegetables keep 30% more vitamins when cooked in the deep fryer with hot air. But not only that, the food prepared in this type of deep fryer tastes more natural and retains more of its original color.

Advantages of the hot air fryer

Hot air fryers are becoming increasingly popular, and not without reason. They have many advantages that make preparing food easier, faster and healthier.

  • Healthy and reduced-fat food: The food that is prepared in the hot air fryer is significantly healthier than food that is fried in a classic deep fryer due to the lack of oils and fat used in preparation.
  • Original taste of the food: Due to the low use of fat or oil, the food not only retains its natural taste, but also the original color.
  • No more frying smell: The unpleasant smell that arises during the classic deep-frying process is completely eliminated in the hot air fryer.
  • Versatility: The hot air fryer is an enormously multifaceted kitchen appliance. In addition to the normal deep-fried food, it can also be used to cook fish and vegetables or bake muffins thanks to different deep-fryer containers. Larger fryers without oil also offer the option of preparing several foods at once. Different heat levels are available in such devices for this.
  • Fast, energy-saving, and vitamin-saving preparation: Since there is no preheating in the deep fat fryer, the preparation time and the consumption of electricity are extremely reduced compared to normal deep fryers and ovens. According to current tests, the innovative device ensures that the food contains about a third more vitamins after cooking and that important fatty acids are not lost.
  • Easy cleaning and handling: The preparation of dishes with little or no fat ensures absolutely safe handling. There is no risk of accidents caused by hot oil burns and the frying containers can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Gentle on the environment: No disposal of old grease is necessary.

Why buy an air fryer?

Buying a product in this category has many benefits that push more and more people to make the purchase.

  • Health: To be properly fried and to obtain that irresistible taste, the food must be totally immersed in boiling oil. However, this can cause many problems for the health of all of us. In fact, there are many problems that could be connected to the overconsumption of fried foods. The solution is within everyone’s reach, both for expert and novice cooks: an air fryer. Although it does not cause you to reduce your consumption of fried foods, it significantly reduces the associated issues from eating them.
  • Energy efficiency: Consumers and experts agree that the most successful modern appliances manage to ensure significant energy savings. Using an oil-free fryer, in fact, causes lower energy consumption than that of a classic gas cooker. You will also not have to spend a lot of money to buy the oil. Olive oil, for example, has a fairly high cost, and not using it obviously causes an economic benefit.

Deep frying with the hot air fryer

The importance of the nutrition factor in this context is shown by the fact that obesity is a common ailment. Many people simply cannot resist the everyday fatty temptations. Basically, it is easier than expected to eat a reduced fat and healthy diet. The fat-free fryer, with its innovative functionality, is a very good example of this. Basically, the cooking process that takes place in the device no longer has anything to do with classic deep-frying, but the results that are achieved with the hot air are similar and very tasty on top of that. “Deep frying” without fat is therefore possible, and it is even clean, quick and safe. The safety factor in terms of “deep-frying” should not be underestimated. After all, when frying without oil, there is no risk of burns. This in addition is a calming factor when cooking with children.

Using the hot air fryer

Using the air fryer is not only safe, it is also clean. Nevertheless, the operation depends on the model purchased and can vary accordingly. Common to all models of fat-free fryers is the fact that preheating is almost completely eliminated. It only takes a few seconds and the hot air fryers are ready for use. The addition of fat is also eliminated. French fries, for example, are an exception. To achieve a crispy result in the preparation, it is necessary to add a small spoon of oil. However, this is not necessary, the only decisive factor here is your own taste. If you can and want to do without the crispiness, you can say goodbye to the last tablespoon of oil.

Operating a deep fryer without oil is usually child’s play. It is designed intuitively and therefore usually results automatically. Insert food, set the temperature and time and the rest takes care of itself. Even for models with several levels, in which, for example, vegetables are prepared in the cooking container and meat is cooked on the grill plate, it is sufficient to make the appropriate settings and look forward to a delicious meal after the hot air fryer has been switched off. Defrosting and warming-up processes can be carried out in most devices, as can baking, roasting, grilling and roasting. Precise operating instructions can be found in the enclosed operating instructions.

Hot air fryer: from classic breaded to healthy and fresh

The range of foods that can be cooked, baked, or roasted in the hot air fryer is almost endless. Breaded frozen dishes should not be missing from the list. Whether that be potato wedges, nuggets, or chicken wings, the food is cooked quickly and with low fat in the air fryer. This method of preparation is also ideal for shrimp and fish. Even vegetable lovers will get their money’s worth with a hot air fryer. Zucchini slices, cauliflower, and stuffed peppers can all be cooked with hot air and retain around a third more vitamins thanks to the gentle frying process and lack of oil. The air fryer is also suitable for baking bread rolls or warming up leftovers.

Tasty things from the hot air fryer

The hot air fryer is a very innovative and modern technology. with an air fryer, the food is not fried with hot oil, but is prepared only with the help of a hot air stream. Strictly speaking, there is no actual deep-frying process. Little or no oil is used, and so the term “deep fryer without oil” is common alongside that of the “hot air fryer.” In detail, this type of deep fryer is even more similar to the oven than the classic deep fryer.

Cooking in the hot air fryer protects food

Compared to other new deep-frying technology, the air fryer is gentle on foods. The hot air flow only heats and cooks the food. The fat content remains low and up to 30% more vitamins are retained. In addition, the dishes prepared retain their original taste and natural color.

Normal deep fryers produce a chemical called acrylamide at high temperatures, which is harmful to health and should be avoided. In addition, a number of decomposition products are released when oils are heated, such as triglycerides and fatty acids. They are also not good for human health. This is not the case with the hot air fryer, and so it represents a healthy and practical alternative to the classic deep fryer.