Introducing the Air Fryer


The Air fryer has taken the culinary world by storm as a new appliance that offers a healthy way to prepare your favorite crispy foods. This appliance can cook up perfectly fried foods while using a staggering eighty percent less oil than standard fryers. It uses hot circulating air with the help of a super fast fan; this contributes to cooking food at elevated temperatures resulting in crispy outsides while tender insides. An air fryer is a culinary tool that any modern kitchen should have. Today, we will be looking for the best air fryer for large family

Most of us love fried foods, even those of us concerned about our health. If you find it challenging to remain healthy while eating fried foods, you have likely come across an “air fryer.”  With the use of an air fryer, you are able to enjoy your favorite foods with substantially less fat content.

The following information based on a review of the best air fryers for large family should make it easier to choose the model that best suits your needs. Check out the various models available on the market and sort out the ones that you wish consider. This information will help you make a wise (and healthy) decision on your perfect air fryer.


How Do I Rate Air Fryers?

When it comes to deciding which was the best air fryer for large family on the market in 2020, how do I evaluate it?  There are five criteria to appraise fryers.

  1. Look at the overall features offered by the manufacturer relative to how expensive the machine is.
  2. Survey and review customer ratings on a variety of platforms to determine the most significant customer experience.
  3. Examine to what degree consumers report problems with their machines relative to the severity of those problems.
  4. Consider how durable is the device and to what degree the manufacturer’s warranties provide for the longevity of the machine.
  5. Consider any value-added bonuses offered by the manufacturer relative to the other bonuses from other producers.

Using the above criteria, I was able to come up with my own list of the top 5 air fryers for large families in 2020. Let us have a look.

1. Philips XL Air fryer (best air fryer for a large family – overall)

The most popular and highest-rated air fryer on the market is the Philips Airfryer. You might have come across this model because it was featured as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2016 and it is endorsed by master chef Gordon Ramsay.

Always be careful when looking at products even if they come with celebrity endorsements. However, my research discovered that the Philips Airfryer deserves all the praise it receives. This model uses “Rapid Air Technology” to circulate high-temperature air through the basket resulting in an even distribution and thorough saturation.

The first thing I noticed with the Philips model was the 2,100 watts of power it offers. It is followed by #3 GoWise and #5 Cozyna, each at 1,500 watts.

When using so much power, make sure the Philips Airfryer is on a circuit that capable of safely running the load. So much wattage can trip the breaker in your home. This model has enough power to ensure that even if the basket is filled with food, everything will be cooked through.

The Philips Airfryer accommodates a liberal amount of food at one time. The basket can hold up to 2.65 pounds of food, which is enough for several servings of French fries for a large family. The Philips mode offers a larger capacity than #2 T-fal ActiFry on my list. It T-fal only has capacity for 2.2 pounds. The The The difference of 0.45 pounds does not seem much, but if you are preparing cooking for a lot of people, it might be the difference of everyone everyone getting a generous portion.

Another excellent feature offered with the Philips Airfryer is its adjustable temperature setting. Compared to the #2 T-fal ActiFry that offers only one setting. With the Philips model it goes up to 390˚Fahrenheit. With this control, the air fryer is great for diverse types of foods, which is necessary since not all foods cook the same way. Even when the inside of the air fryer reaches high-temperatures, the “stay-cool” handle on the Philips model lets you safely remove the basket without worries about getting scorched.

Programming the Philips is easy with the one-touch digital interface. There are no complicated settings to worry about. The Philips has a built-in timer that can be programmed up to 60-minutes and automatically shuts off the machine. It doesn’t cook as long as the #2 T-fal ActiFry, which can run for up to 99 minutes uninterrupted. However, the Philips Airfryer with its 390-degree temperature there should be no issues with cooking all your foods within 60-minutes.

The Philips XL Airfryer model is the heaviest on this list. Weighing-in at 18.98 pounds, the #4 Avalon model, is second, weighing 14.2 pounds. The Philips greater bulk is primarily due to its Rapid Air Technology, enables you to prepare your foods with the greatest speed and best results.

(you can find it for less on sites like Amazon), it is the most expensive model discussed here. Following is the #5 Cozyna model. Considering the overall performance of the Philips Airfryer, many people find it worth the few extra dollars.

The Philips comes in two colors- black and white. It is the “best air fryer for a large family” in air fryers when it comes to delicious fried foods without all the fatty cooking oils.

2. T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry

The second best air fryer on my list is the ActiFry by T-fal. This model offers a sleek design and uses similar technology to that of the #1 Philips Airfryer. The ActiFry model uses a small amount of oil, which is poured over your favorite foods.

It has a uniquely designed paddle that stirs the foods in rhythm with a pulsating heat to air-fry foods just as if you deep-fried them in oil. It is a less costly option compared to the #1 Philips Airfryer, but this depends on the deals or discounts that you find.

The T-fal ActiFry offers a decent-size food capacity; 2.9 liters to comfortably cook up to 2.2 pounds of food at once. This model should be more than is needed for large families. However, this model has less capacity compared to the #1 Philips Airfryer. The T-fal ActiFry should accommodate your family; unless you are concerned about everyone getting enough in a party setting.

As far as power goes, the T-fal ActiFry does not have quite as much power as the #1 Philips Airfryer. This model powers up to 1,450 watts, surpassing the #4 Avalon model, of 1,400 watts. Most people would not be aware of the difference in power between these two models. Given its other settings, The ActiFry with its 1,450 watts is capable of cooking all of your foods thoroughly.

The T-fal reaches a temperature of 338˚Fahrenheit. The #4 Avalon model up to 400 degrees. The temperature on the T-fal model cannot be adjusted. It functions with a basic “on/off” function.

However, the T-fal offers a built-in timer programmable for up to 99 minutes. Models #3-5 on my list only have 30-minute timers.

It weighs only 10.9 pounds, and takes up less of your kitchen space. If you have concerns lifting and storing the air fryer, this lighter model will be appealing.

All the internal components on the T-fal ActiFry are dishwasher-safe. You will never need to scrub a dirty fryer to create appetizing fried foods. It also comes with a handy cookbook with 38 recipes and a measuring cup.

If you seek a simple, less expensive air fryer the ActiFry by T-fal is an excellent option.


The third model on my list is the 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer from GoWISE USA. Similar to others, this air fryers rapid air circulation technology simulates the results of traditional deep-frying. This is the least expensive model  and the best bargain air fryer on this list

The GoWISE Electric Air Fryer offers 1,7400 watts of power output to handle a full tray of food with ease. Unlike the #1 Philips Airfryer, the GoWISE model is still sufficient to cook foods thoroughly. Most consumers would not even notice or be aware of the power difference between the two models.

Similar to the #1 Philips Airfryer, the #3 GoWISE Electric Air Fryer comes with an adjustable thermostat. This model allows you to fine-tune your settings to obtain the best results. Other models, such as the #2 T-fal ActiFry, cannot be adjusted. With #3 GoWISE, you can change the temperature from 176 to 392 degrees. With that amount of heat, it rapidly pulses through and around your foods ensuring an even distribution of cooking.

The timer of the #3 GoWISE model can only be set up to 30 minutes. Set at its highest temperature it should be enough time to cook many of your favorites. But you may find that multiple sessions are necessary. When it comes to its built-in settings, the GoWISE stands out. Models such as the #2 T-fal model has a basic “on-off” function, while the #3 GoWISE offers eight preprogrammed settings. This model makes it easier to obtain the perfect temperatures and times for the food you cook. Its LCD features make it easy to program and view the chosen setting. It is also possible to fine-tune the settings yourself. All the options are at your fingertips.

The GoWISE model has a 5.8-quart capacity; more than enough space to cook substantial portions of servings. The capacity of the GoWise model is larger than both the #4 Avalon and #5 Cozyna. Therefore, with the GoWISE model, you can cook more food at once than these other models. The basket of the GoWISE comes with a cool-touch handle to safely remove your foods.

It weighs 11 pounds and is about 9-inches around. It will sit nicely on a countertop or just as easy to store. This model also has an overheat sensor. The sensor will automatically shut off the machine if it overheats. It goes into standby mode if you forget to turn it off.

With the safety features, programmable settings, and a small price tag make the GoWISE 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer a great little machine.

4. Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer

Fourth on my list is the Digital Air Fryer by Avalon Bay. This particular model uses a slightly different method compared to those used by other mentioned models. This machine completely removes the need for oil. The Avalon Bay model has technology that starts with a small fan that removes natural oils and fats from the food you prepare and gathers them in a dripping basket below the food.

It uses rapid air technology (like the other models here) to circulate the oils and cook the food thoroughly. The result is crispy food that mimics the effects of traditional deep fryers.

When it comes to power, the Avalon Bay model is on the lower end; it runs on 1,400 watts. Of all the five models, this one has the lowest output. With this being said, you hardly notice the difference compared to the #2 T-fal model. The it offers plenty to cook most foods if prepared used correctly. No testing indicated that food has been was undercooked in the Avalon Bay Air Fryer.

While the Avalon Bay model has a smaller output, it offers a generous capacity for cooking substantial amounts of food. This model has a  3.7 liter basket to meet higher capacity demands of a larger family

The digital touch-screen controls are another nice feature of the Avalon Bay model. The #4 Avalon Bay comes with preprogrammed settings to make the cooking process more manageable, similar to the GoWISE model. This certainly helps remove some of the guesswork of cooking with an air fryer.

It is an excellent feature since these machines are likely to be unfamiliar to many users. With its adjustable temperature control options on the Avalon Bay model, food can be heated up to 400 degrees. This allows another level of customization to fine-tune your settings.

The Avalon Bay model features “no-slip feet” to ensure the air fryer will not slide around while in use. This model comes in three colors:  black, white and red. This model is considered “mid-range” in its price. It is not as expensive as the #1 Philips Airfryer and similar in price to the #2 T-fal. If you are on a budget but like the adjustable preprogrammed features of the #1 Philips, consider the #4 Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer as a more affordable option.

5. Cozyna Air Fryer

The fifth air fryer on my list is a simple, straightforward air fryer by Cozyna. This model is easy to use, it has all of the essential features you would want from a conventional air fryer, and it comes at an affordable price. it is not the least expensive model on my list, but considerably less costly than the #1 Philips Airfryer. Many retailers sell the Cozyna model for well below its MSRP, so it is wise to check the current prices.

It offers 1,500 watts in power, more than some other air fryer models on this list. The Cozyna provides more power than the #2 T-fal or the #4 Avalon Bay. Nevertheless, as pointed out before, you are not likely to notice much of a difference between a few hundred watts. The Cozyna model is undoubtedly strong enough to cook all the food thoroughly.

The capacity of the Cozyna model is on par with other models on my list. The basket size of 3.2 liters, of offers a larger capacity than the #2 T-fal, but not as much as the #3 GoWISE. The more substantial capacity allows you to cook more food at once; something to consider if you planning to cook for large groups.

The cooking process of the Cozyna model is the same as other models on my list:  it uses a small amount of oil and rapid air circulation to cook food at elevated temperatures and get the deep-fried effect. The Cozyna model can cook up to 392 degrees and cannot be adjusted- it has a basic “on/off’ machine (unlike models such as the #1 Philips Airfryer and the #3 GoWISE). Instead of a digital display, it uses an uncomplicated dial timer to turn on and off. The time can be set up for 30 minutes.

With this simple “on/off” function and the inability to control the temperature, cooking certain foods may require a little less or a little more in the fryer to heat correctly. Like other models on this list, the Cozyna model provides a free recipe book with suggestions on how to use your air fryer in creative ways.

The service contract of the Cozyna is an area where it stands out from the rest. The #5 Cozyna comes with a two-year warranty, while other models on my list only offer a standard one-year limited liability warranty. No other air fryer comes with this kind of guarantee. The guarantee terms cover any issues arising from manufacturer’s parts defects or errors that occur inside the two years from the date of purchase. It will not include neglect or accidental damage. In addition, some retailers like Amazon offer extended warranty options to increase the longevity of your air fryer.

If you seek a simple machine, the Cozyna Air Fryer is a great option. You do not have to worry about programming features or timer settings.

An air fryer will not only reduce on cooking time—adjusting well into the modern lifestyle—it extracts only the best of frying—the delicious flavors of fried food while making it healthier. The air fryer can be used by anyone for multiple purposes, with or without cooking skills; this is a kitchen appliance that became very popular indeed.

Considering how popular the air fryer has turned out to be, it is terrific to learn what kinds of recipes you can try with your fancy new air fryer. Enjoy reading further on and discover the answers to some of your questions about this new culinary tool that is becoming a must-have in most modern kitchens.

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  • Methods and importance of using an air fryer
  • High-fat food recipes for air fryers
  • Low-fat food recipes for air fryers

Benefits and Advantages of Air Frying


Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular right now. This is mainly because many people are finding new ways of cooking healthy and delicious foods that are prepared easily and quickly. The air fryer is ideal for people who consider time and health to be precious assets. People spend lots of money just to save time and avoid various health problems and diseases. If you are the type of person who values health and time, buying your own air fryer is worth the expense and an excellent appliance for preparing daily healthy meals.

When traditional recipes like deep-fried foods are cooked with Air Fryers, the amount of fat or oil is significantly reduced, or even omitted. Cooking your favorite foods with the Air Fryer provides healthier meals without compromising taste, texture and the quality of cooked foods. Meats and other ingredients are cooked and browned evenly, which creates a better food appearance making it even more appetizing.

The Air Fryer cooks faster compared to the conventional cooking methods, and also avoid overcooking due to auto shut-off feature. Nutrient loss occurs when foods are overcooked, which is caused by high-heat cooking and overexposure to heat. Due to this, air frying foods is generally healthier than traditional cooking methods by retaining most of the nutrients from foods.

Cooks Evenly and Faster

With the Air Fryer rapid air technology, the heated air is efficiently circulated inside the compartment. This creates fried foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy or moist in the inside. By circulating and retaining the heated air inside the appliance, the food is cooked faster, more evenly, and makes for a presentation that is more appetizing.

Multi-purpose Appliance for Varied Recipes

Aside from the Air fryers baskets, it is also designed with attachments or accessories including grill pans, baking dish/pans, double layer rack with metal skewers to give you a wide selection of recipes to choose from. Air Fryers can be used for grilling, baking, roasting and frying.

The Air Fryer is not only used in frying foods. The Air Fryer is also suitable for other cooking methods including grilling meats, roasting fruits and vegetables, and baking breads and pastries.

Maximized and Simultaneous Cooking

For added convenience, the Air fryer includes accessories including the double layer rack and food separator. With these appliance accessories, you can now prepare and serve many kinds of food.

If you want to prepare larger quantities of foods within a short period of time, use the Air Fryer double layer rack to maximize space and surface area to increase yield with the same amount of cooking time.

Cook simultaneously with the Air Fryer food separator accessory. Save time or prepare varied recipes faster using the food separator to simultaneously cook different foods at the same time.

Convenient and Safe to Use

With the adjustable temperature and cooking time control, cooking your food is made easy by setting the right temperature and time according to the recipe used. Air frying requires less supervision because it is designed with an auto shut-off feature which works when the set preparation time has elapsed. The Air Fryer also gives an indicator sound when the meal is done. Operating the Air Fryer is simple and easy with the digital control feature or adjustable time and temperature settings. With these features, foods are cooked with the same results all the time.

It is also safe to operate since the appliance turns off automatically when the food is done, avoiding overheating and overcooking of food. Injuries are less likely to happen because the parts of the appliance that get hot are built inside or insulated with the outer structure of the appliance. The appliance also provides an insulated basket handle to avoid injuries in shaking foods.

Easy to Clean

The air fryer is typically designed with non-stick parts and accessories that are all dishwasher safe. The parts of the Air Fryer where the foods come in contact with like the basket drawer tray, grill pan, baking dish, food separator and other accessories are all dishwasher safe.

Time and Energy Efficient

The Air Fryer requires less supervision while the food is cooking, this allows you to perform other tasks or household chores and saving your time and reduce effort.

Since the Air Fryer retains the heat inside, the appliance cooks the food efficiently thus saving energy spent in maintaining internal heat temperature. And with its auto shut-off feature, the appliance automatically shuts off avoiding extra consumption of electrical energy.