Staying Safe When Air Frying


However safe an appliance is, there are always things that can happen which would make it unsafe. Therefore, we need to try and remember to look after our air fryer properly and always follow manufacturer guidelines when using it. That said, there are some universal precautions we need to take when using an air fryer.


  1. Never wash the electrical or heating components under water. Mixing electricity and water is always dangerous. When you clean the electrical and heating elements, make sure to lightly wipe them with a damp, but not a dripping wet cloth. And make sure the air fryer is dry before using it next.
  2. Never fill the pan with oil. This is not a deep fat fryer and is not designed to hold a pile of oil. Best case scenario your air fryer will just break. Worst case scenario you risk electrocution and explosions of hot oil.
  3. Never open your air fryer when it has reached full temperature. Some air fryers allow you to pull the drawer out to add more food as you go, but most are not safe to open once the peak temperature has been reached. The inside can be as hot as 400F, so be very careful.
  4. Never touch the insides of the fryer until it has been allowed to cool. Again, they could be at 400F. Wait until it’s cooled to clean inside.
  5. Never leave children, pets, or vulnerable people unattended near your air fryer. This is still an electric gadget and has very hot parts, making it unsafe for vulnerable people and animals.
  6. Never put anything on top of your air fryer. This could damage the top of it, or cause it to overheat, both of which can break it.
  7. Always keep your power chord away from heated surfaces. A power chord that gets hot is at risk of melting or starting an electric fire, so make sure it is behind your fryer and away from heat.
  8. Always put your air fryer on an even surface. This is to stop it from falling or leaking, both of which could prove dangerous.
  9. Always keep your air fryer clean. As it uses high temperatures a dirty air fryer could potentially start a grease fire.
  10. Always use your warranty. If your air fryer stops working, do not try and fix it yourself or get an unqualified person to do so. This could make it dangerous and void your warranty. Instead, call the manufacturer and get a certified repairman to fix it for you.
  11. Always read the manual. Some of these points may not apply to your air fryer, such as point 3, which does not apply to some models. And some things not mentioned here might be important for your air fryer. Always be careful and read the manual front to back.