No matter how well you take care of your air fryer, it’s still possible that you could come across some problems while working with your air fryer. Some problems may be serious, and you should always consult your user manual. Some problems may be very obvious or easy to deal with, while other problems are more difficult to track down and may need professional repairs. Here are some clear signs and potential solutions to some of the most common problems you may come across when working with your air fryer:

  • A very common problem is trouble closing the air fryer, or the pan and basket getting stuck if you try to slide it into the air fryer. This is often one of two very simple problems. The first is that the basket may be too full, and you can solve this by removing some of the food and preparing your meal in batches. If that doesn’t help, there is a good chance that the pan and basket aren’t attached properly. Simply detach the two and try connecting them again. Make sure you hear a click, and you’ll know the basket is slotted properly into the pan.
  • Another common issue is that the air fryer has trouble turning on.  This might be a big problem, or it might be a small one. The first thing you should do is check that the air fryer is plugged into the outlet properly, that the outlet is turned on, and that the outlet works properly. If the air fryer still doesn’t work, look for any damage to the air fryer’s electrical cables and wiring. If you find any damage, you should take your air fryer in for repairs. If you don’t find any signs of damage, you should call a repair service or the manufacturer, as this might be a mechanical problem that you can’t solve yourself.
  • Sometimes the food in your air fryer may not be properly cooked, despite following the instructions on temperature and cooking time perfectly. This is most commonly the result of the air fryer being too full, which causes most of the heat to be absorbed by the top layer of food. Simply lessen the amount of food you cook at a time and prepare your meals in batches.
  • Sometimes, even after cleaning your air fryer, there might still be a lingering smell of whatever you’ve been cooking. This is usually caused by foods with a very strong and pungent odor. A good way to prevent this is to make sure you clean your air fryer as soon as it’s cooled down, rather than leaving it for later. If you do have a lingering smell, soak the pan and basket in soapy water for up to an hour and wash it again. If you still can’t get rid of the smell after several washes, you can apply lemon juice to a paper towel or cloth and rub the juice over your air fryer. Leave the air fryer coated with lemon juice for half an hour and wash it again to get rid of the smell.
  • Bubbling or peeling on the inside of your air fryer is a fairly common problem that you can’t do much about. If the non-stick coating on your air fryer implements is scratched and damaged, or if the pan and basket aren’t inserted into air fryer properly, the intense heat may cause the coating to bubble and peel. The coating isn’t toxic, and won’t contaminate your food, but continued use may cause damage to your air fryer. There’s no way to undo the damage, and you should check your warranty to see if you qualify for a replacement. You can also find replacement parts at specialized stores and online. Always make sure that the replacement parts match your air fryer model and brand.
  • Smoke is also a sign of problems. White smoke is usually a result of excess grease left in the air fryer. The smoke won’t cause any damage, and you simply need to turn off the air fryer and clean off the grease as soon as your air fryer is properly cooled down. Black smoke leaking out of your air fryer is a sign of serious internal problems. You should turn off the air fryer immediately, unplug it, and call a repair service or the manufacturer for assistance. Your air fryer will most likely need professional repairs or replacement.